When is the release date?

Population Zero will be released in Steam Early Access on May 5th.

How much will the game cost?

The game will cost 29,99$ US. However, this price can change depending on the region. During Early Access release there will be a 10% discount. And if you purchase the game during this period you will get the Pioneer pack.

I have a limited time to play games during the week. Is this game still for me?

At the start of early access, an experienced player will be able to complete the main quest line (without participating in side content) faster than in 7 days. But even if you won’t be able to complete the main objective before the end of the cycle you will still gain account experience for parts of the main quest that you did complete.

How do I finish a cycle?

There are four ways to finish a cycle in Population Zero:
- by completing the main objective;
- by failing the main objective;
- by quitting the cycle through the lobby;
- if you die a certain number of times, you will turn into a Void. If you die in this form, you will quit the cycle.

If I purchase a founder pack, will I be able to play before the Steam release?

At the moment Population Zero is in Closed Beta. We announce upcoming playtests approximately a week in advance. Until then the servers remain offline.

Can I lose the equipment from the founder packs?

No. The only way to lose your founder pack equipment is to willingly drop it from your inventory. However the founder equipment will be with you once you start a new cycle.

Will the founder equipment have stats?

Yes. The equipment will have beginner level stats, designed to help the player at the very start of his journey on Kepler.

I have several founder packs. How many Steam keys will I get?

You will receive as many keys as you have founder packs. Each of those keys will be tied to a specific pack and will have access to the game. So you can either activate all of the keys on your account or share them with your friends. A key can only be activated once.

How many people will be able to play on a single server?

Currently, we've settled for 200. But we might change this number depending on player feedback.

What do you plan to add to the game while in Early Access?

While in early access we plan to add new modes (We'll try to add PVE as soon as possible, Hardcore, etc), evolving the Hub, long range and throwing weapons, social features (chat, guilds, party system, etc), the addition of the Xenobite fraction, new locations and more. After we launch on May 5th we will upload a roadmap detailing our plans for the future of Population Zero.

For how long do you plan to remain in Early Access?

At least nine months after launch.

I've just acquired a founder pack. What do I do next?

Thank you for your support! Now you will be granted access to the NDA channels on Discord. Just DM our community manager GORDON#8493 your email address. Make sure you've joined our Discord server!

Where can I download the game client?

Only testers have access to the game client. You can download it through your PZ profile. A fresh version of the client is available before the start of a new playtest. We notify everyone through Discord and other social platforms.