When will the game be released?

CBT (Closed Beta Test) will begin Q2 of 2019. Any player who joined our founders program will get access to different test phases of the game and will be able to explore the world of Population Zero very soon. Our Open Beta approximate date is 2020.

How do i start playing?

The game has entered Alpha test and is currently undergoing tests on our developer servers. you can join these early tests right now if you have the Commander or Sentinels Founder’s pack. Pioneers will be able to join during the Private Closed Beta test planned for Q2 2019.

How many founder’s packs can i get?

Each account can get all 3 different Founder’s packs. This will allow you to access all the exclusive items in each pack. Please note, that you won’t get any additional access keys. You can’t get more than one pack of the same type on your account.

How do i activate my founder’s pack?

After you finalize the purchase you will receive a unique code and instructions on how to redeem it. All you will have to do is to go to
and follow said instructions. You can also redeem the code in your Personal Profile on the website and receive all the benefits of your founder’s pack there.

When will i receive all founder’s pack digital goodies?

Pioneer’s, Sentinel’s and Commander’s Forum and Discord regalia will arrive in two-three days after you redeem a corresponding code on your Personal Profile section of Population Zero website. You will get an access to different test phases of the game as soon as they start. You will be notified of a new test phase on your Personal Profile and via email containing all the necessary instructions. Unique digital content and in-game items will be sent with the start of Open Beta.

Can i gift a founder’s pack to my friend?

Absolutely. After you finalize your purchase, you will receive a key you can keep or share with a friend. He can register on Population Zero website and redeem it to receive all the benefits of a founder.

How long will the founder’s packs be available?

The packs are available until the start of Open Beta. They might get replaced as time goes and some exclusive items might never be on sale again. Ever.

Can i upgrade my existing founder’s pack?

This functionality has not yet been presented but may be available in the future.

What subscription model will population zero follow? p2p, f2p?

We are still looking into different business models and will test some features during the Closed Beta tests. This will help us to find the most comfortable and accessible type of subscription (or lack of thereof) for our players.Regardless of what we decide, every player who joined our founder’s program will be awarded with loot worthy of a founder and will be able to use all the exclusive ingame items and privileges the moment they are made available.