Science and technologies in Population Zero

14 February 2019

In previous articles, we shared information on character evolution and the perk system in Population Zero. If you haven’t seen it, check the details of both here and here

Colonists gain more useful information about the environment and expand their knowledge base while discovering the lands of Kepler. A character might obtain a perk, performing some actions, which increases the effectiveness of this specific action, whether it’s a craft, hunt, PVP or any other activity.

Here we will share deeper details of the science and technology system.

Science in Population Zero is a set of character’s knowledge of all areas. There are four kinds of science in the game at the moment: survival, mechanic, metallurgy, and chemistry.

Some disciplines might be closed for research until fulfilling specific requirements. For example, colonists can’t study steel weapon production before they expand their knowledge in metallurgy, chemistry and discover the “Steel Processing” technology.

You will be able to view your science progression and available knowledge to realize how far you have already moved forward, and even if you die a terrible death, this knowledge stays with you. You won’t lose your progress.

The higher the science level, the more available technologies and related production schemes you will have. Your science level is increased by exploring different objectives in the game — minerals, plants, animals and so on.

During exploration and examination of Kepler, while diving into the world, there might appear situations, where access to science gets blocked. For example, the player chooses a specific faction, which has a prohibition on studying some particular science. If that happens, the technologies which demand specific knowledge will also be banned. That prevents access to related schemes. In short – you can’t master every technology, or what would the point of having other players be?

We Have The Technology

Obtained technologies give a character access to a certain quantity of schemes. Without those schemes, the players can’t craft an item though they may use the scheme by getting it from another player.

Exploring a technology (that requires a resource expenditure), players can get an increase of one of their related technologies. The increase is obtainable once at the moment of technology exploration. We’re big fans of the Civilization series, so you might think of our tech tree as inspired by that classic franchise.

If for some reason the colonist is banned from the technology access (a faction switch, for example) and after some time they retrieve the access, they will not get the increase again.

At some point, technology availability might be an imperative requirement for obtaining a specific perk.

Technology loss will ban players from scheme access related to this technology. Besides, the players will not be able to study new technologies that have reference to a banned one, but they will keep bonuses for science, which they obtained earlier.

In case of death, as mentioned before, the character keeps all discovered technologies and studied science, that allows quickly make up for lost time. You just might have to do a little harvesting to make that sweet gear you had before.

Our goal with Tech and Science in Population Zero is to make sure that players have to build an actual character and choose what they want to do and how well they wish to be able to do it. We don’t want players being able to master all tasks in the game, because then what would the fun be in living in a world with hundreds of other colonists?

In the near future, we will share more information about the quest system. Stay tuned!