Savannah’s symbiosis: Sahrim and Kso

21 February 2019

Population Zero fauna is rich with spectacular alien creatures. You can meet obscure little beings or herds of large animals wandering the open spaces of Savannah. Those can be neutral or even friendly, but if you get closer they might attack you, so watch your step!

Some creatures unite in interspecific communes, where each of species benefits. In this article, we will talk about the symbiosis of a graceful but defenseless kso and a tough sahrim.

Elegant and timid

Kso is an exquisite, lively and a very humble creature. Its colorful “sail” is easy to recognize from afar. But admire this beauty with caution: if kso sees you as a threat, it will release toxic gas and will try to escape. Long legs allow him to move swiftly: it’s a challenge to catch a kso.

Kso used to travel the savannah in large herds. Despite their mobility, they are quite defenseless. If the herd met a pack of predators, they had no chance to fight back. Kso lost their kin way too often.

However, the life of kso significantly improved when they joined forces with sahrim.

The king of savannah

Sahrim is a stone giant, known as the savannah ruler. This huge creature makes its own armor by the means of environmental resources. Using flexible tentacles it gathers stones, sand, plants and enhances its shell armor. Over time all gathered stuff take roots, stiff and creates the impenetrable armor. The giant feeds on local plants and fruits. Though you should not underestimate his herbivore habits – sahrim knows how to fight. A rare savannah inhabitant dares to attack it. Only a pack of hungry kvars can afford such an attack.

Sahrim used to live in solitude, traveling through savannah but his lifestyle has shifted when kso came around. Sahrim finds his alliance with kso profitable and is willing to sacrifice solitude for that.

Benefits of the alliance

What could attract this giant sahrim to fragile and harmless kso? Delicacies!

During the daytime kso travel across the spaces of savannah in search food. Sahrim escorts them without showing any hostility unless someone threatens the group.

At dusk sahrim and kso head to the river to rest. Kso dig out shallow cavities on the river’s bank, lay into it, raise their “sail” and start digesting the food. As a result of this process, kso produces a unique substance. This is how kso attract Sahrim, making it follow the herd as well as protect them.

During the production process, sahrim is highly vigilant. It values his delicacies so much that it will attack anyone who approaches their rest stop. At this time kso are most vulnerable: they will not be able to escape or spread the toxic gas. Sahrim gathers the produced substance into the special sacks placed on the back of its shell. Thus sahrim can enjoy its favorite treat the next day.

Colonists can also find the unique kso’s ability to process different resources quite useful. Though this is a dangerous undertaking. Sahrim is a big threat even for a group of colonists: this monster is extremely tough and defends himself with powerful and swift attacks.

The life in symbiosis

Sahrim and kso communicate with sounds. If the giant sees an impending danger it warns ksoes. And ksoes, in their turn, notify sahrim if they are attacked.

In addition to kso, sahrim coexists with syphoria — little floating medusas. They are so lightweight the wind can carry them away in the unknown direction. Syphorias occupied sahrim’s back because it has a whole biome on it after all. Diverse plants, stones and soils are a good living spot. They are also safe on sahrim’s back. These medusas stay with the giant for the rest of their lives.

Sahrims interact with syphoria by the chemical and sound signals. It can also summon other syphorias living nearby.

Syphorias come to aid sahrim in battles. When the situation spins out of the control, sahrim shakes syphorias off his back, ordering them to attack the aggressor with their electric powers to the enemy for an electric attack. They discharge the electricity quickly and return to Sahrim’s back to recharge.

Wildlife is tough on every planet and new inhabitants have to adapt. Colonists will have to gather information on these creatures and act according to their knowledge. In the future, we will share more information about other Kepler’s residents moving from biome to another biome.