Jack of all trades: the workbenches of Population Zero

27 March 2019

The harsh Kepler environment has taught colonists to adapt in many ways. Those who survived the crash didn’t have any technologies they had back on their ship, Artemis. One of the first goals is to build back what was lost using the resources the planet has to offer.

To create basic equipment your two hands are more than enough, but creating a stone tool isn’t enough to defend yourself against the dangers of Kepler or against other players.

Anything more significant is impossible to make on your own and that’s when different crafting benches come into play.

Crafting benches allow higher-level items to be crafted and that improves colonist’s quality of life significantly. The benches differ in many ways. Some of them are suited for culinary, others to craft armor. You can even build a chemical lab.

A well-fed colonist is a living colonist!

Before we discuss serious stuff we have to give proper respect to the basic survival tool and that is a fireplace. Raw alien meat is dangerous to a colonist, and while you have a small supply of emergency rations it won’t last forever.

To build a fireplace in Population Zero you are going to need stones, sticks and some sturdy material like bractus (it’s mushroom shell is very good at covering your fire from strong winds of Kepler). You will use the fireplace to cook Kvar or Yutt (oh no!) meat. The fireplace will protect you from freezing at night. Any fireplace needs fuel to work. In our case, we can use anything that burns well.

Building your first workbench

When basic survival items have been acquired, thirst and hunger are dealt with, you move to advanced crafting. The first workbench is created with basic materials, mostly plants. Getting those might prove tricky. You’ll have to experiment with your gathering tools and techniques a little to get everything you need, but as soon as your crafting bench is done, you will be able to build armor pieces and other important supplies you can’t get any other way.

Long lasting foods are key to long-lasting health

Do you enjoy… dried meat or fruits? You should since your life depends on long-lasting foods. This is where a dryer comes into play. It is made from the same materials as your workbench and it helps you to preserve food for a long time. Even though the drying process takes some time the benefits are worth it. When you leave your alien home for a long period of time, to gather materials or during a boss-monster raid, you might want to stock up on food if you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where your character is about to die of starvation.

Home sweet home

A fireplace is a primitive way to provide yourself with warmth and cooked food. When building a colony a simple fireplace is not as functional as a proper hearth.

Zoom it, press it, snap it, work it…

The further you progress, the more refined the technology you can create. One of such advanced workbenches is a press bench.

Press bench allows extracting the fluids of different plants and roots. The press is the only way of getting acidic juice and it can also flatten out different materials. With its help you can get your hands on plastic sheets, for example. Its use is up for a colonist to discover though!

Population Zero has many more tools a colonist would use to survive and we’ll talk about them in a future article!