Population Zero Versus Virus: Join the Battle!

19 March 2020

The latest news get us all down, so starting today we are launching the #GamesVersusVirus initiative by giving away 5000 Population Zero Pioneer founder packs. With them, you can jump into our Closed Beta (March 21st-23rd) and get the full game upon release on May 5th. Plus, we are handing out 5000 CBT invites! In total, we want to share 10000 keys with the gaming community!

Сlaim your key now!

We hope to encourage more video game developers and companies to join us in the battle against COVID-19 with Hadoukens, BFGs, magic spells, and superpowers.

Spread the word with #GamesVersusVirus hashtag!

Be mindful of your health and the health of others.

Stay safe, have fun!

Yours truly, Enplex Games Team.