Population Zero: Q&A part 1

13 March 2019

We asked our community for game design related questions, which interest them the most, and handed it to our devs. The number of questions was quite big so we divided them into parts and here is the first one.

Sometimes our devs mention features, that are currently in development and will be implemented in the future.

Can you dismantle your own buildings?

  • Every building block takes a little bit of time to finish itself when you place it. During that time you can cancel anything and get your resources back. When the block is fully implemented you can still dismantle it but you will only get half of what you spent to build it.

Can I change the body type and character hight?

  • You will be able to change the character’s body but within specific confines. This feature is in development. The balance issue is very important here

Will I be able to change skin color, hairstyle, facial hair, tattoos etc?

  • You will be able to change those parameters. We will share some related concepts soon.

Will I be able to play as a female character? Will I be able to change breast size?

  • Yes, you will have an opportunity to choose a female character. Since breast size does not affect anything in a survival game, this will most likely not be an option.

Will I be able to trade with other players?

  • We are planning to have a global market barter. Currently, there is no direct trading between players but we will be working on that in the future.

What currency will we use to trade?

  • Barter is the main mechanic. Everything is currency.

Will there be emotes?

  • Yes, we will deploy emotes as additional game content. This is a fast and simple wait to communicate with other players in the game.

Will there be a voice chat or voice commands?

  • Voice chat is an important part of in-game communication. We are working hard to find the best possible solution for this feature. There is also an issue of Russian law, which might prevent us from implementing a quick voice feature.

How large will the world be?

  • The map size will be around 24 km² on release, in addition, there will be a great number of caves, some of them are quite big, so the real size of the world will be much larger. We recently introduced a new multi-layer biome ‘Jungle’ which will allow players to travel and build on the ancient alien tree crowns. And this is only one biome among many others we plan to deploy with the start of Open Beta

How will the mutation work?

  • Mutation will change the appearance, skills, and gameplay mechanics for a player. We will share more info in the upcoming video. The mutation system is still being balanced and we are carefully listening to our players’ feedback.