Population Zero: Q&A part 4

10 April 2019

Welcome to the 4th thread of Q&A where we cover the most frequently asked questions from our community. You can check previous articles here, here and here.

Will there be some kind of a trading house on the clan territory?

  • There will be an auction module — not quite a house but an object to interact with. Though you can build a special structure with an auction inside and call it a trading post!

There will be an in-game translator for international guilds?

  • It’s not in our plans to add a special translator.

Is the version of the animals’ behavior final, or you’re going to improve it later?

  • We are still working on the behavior of Kepler’s fauna. As we base our decisions on both our plans and our players’ feedback, we’re in the middle of changing the animals’ movement now.

What gamezones are we going to see?

  • By the time of the release, we plan to have three huge biomes. Each of them will be divided into smaller areas with different features, monsters, settings, etc.

How does the targeting system work in Population Zero? Will there be some kind of HUD?

  • With a non-target fighting model, we also plan a new system instead of a standard health bar. According to our ideas, the fighter will monitor the state of an opponent with visual effects (like wounds) rather than see bars hanging above their heads (or whatever some of the creatures will have). We are working on a system which will help recognize the state of an opponent with visual effects, like wounds which you will be able to notice on a character’s model.

Will there be space means of transport in Population Zero?

  • You won’t be able to fly around Kepler’s orbit (for now), if that’s what you’re asking. Every other transport will be designed in a sci-fi genre since we are the colonists who arrived on Kepler from space.

What is the plot of the game?

  • Open world survival genre means that the player creates the story himself. You can hunt, participate in raids, confront other players, explore the world around, get social etc.
    There will be quests though, both initial ones that guide new players through the basic game mechanic, and those revealing the plot. The stories will introduce the in-game world and events of Kepler’s past and present. There will be a lot of interesting stuff regarding the plot in the future!

Do you plan to add rivers, lakes and other water in the game? What about swimming and sailing?

  • Yes, we do have all these features planned! Moreover, in one of our biomes includes some underwater gameplay available at certain times of a day.

Can we skip the phase of building a base and go for pirating and robbing straight away?

  • If you attack others, you’ll need a good weapon and armor — so you need a place to craft. And if you steal much, you need a place to keep the loot secured. The base with all that seems like a logical answer to that.
    On the other hand, we are not forcing you to build a base — but be aware that others would be able to steal your unprotected things.

Will there be caves suitable for building?

  • We surely will add the caves, though only the big ones will allow building — this way you won’t block off the way inside for other players.

Are you going to add some underground locations, like caves and bunkers?

  • Yes, we will add underground locations of all sizes.

As for underground resources like minerals and metals, will it be possible to get them for crafting?

  • The underground locations will be full of unique resources you won’t find anywhere else. And of course, you’ll need these resources for crafting.

If I want to hide my house behind the plants, will I be able to do that? If so, will the quality of in-game graphics affect the visibility of the house?

  • Every structure you build will have a special claim zone with its borders marked with flags. It’s most likely you won’t have a chance to build a completely unnoticeable house.