Population Zero: Q&A part 3

28 March 2019

We continue our Q&A thread where our game designers answer the most popular and interesting questions from our community. You can check previous articles here and here.

What are the in-game requirements to create a clan?

  • All you need is a clear leader who will be creating it.

How does a clan enter a faction?

  • A clan doesn’t have to join a faction, rather only players of the same faction can join the clan. This is necessary due to opposite lifestyles and playstyles of different factions.

Can members of different factions be a part of the same clan?

  • No, a clan must be composed of members of the same faction. If a player changes a faction, he will be excluded from the clan and is considered a hostile.

What are the visual effects for a player in clan and faction?

  • There will be a significant visual distinction. Xenobiotes and Technocrats will have different body types and costumes. There are armors and weapons both factions use, but there are also tools accessible only to a specific faction.
    The clan area will be covered in clan banners (also known as Baken), which will help to ease clan recognition. We plan to add Baken customization after release.

Can we paint armors and constructions?

  • Such a feature is planned post-release. This is a feature we really want but it’s still way off.

Is mutation a feature for a specific faction?

  • Only xenobiotes faction can mutate.

How does building a clan colony work?

  • A clan has a maximum of building areas on the map. Within every area, a clan can have a variety of buildings: they can build a single large structure or many smaller structures. At this moment building is available for every clan member, but we may change it in the future to have specific builder roles.

Can I build a personal construction within a clan complex?

  • No, you can’t. Every construction in a clan complex belongs to the said clan. There might be locks and protective mechanisms for high tier buildings, which will grant individual access to some rooms.

Will there be building restriction for others around my house?

  • Yes! There are two distinct areas for constructions: the first area has full owner building privilege while the second one is a buffer zone between your personal space and somebody else’s potential personal space. That second zone allows anyone to build on it, and it might be smart to build a fence there.

Will I be safe in my house while being offline?

  • That depends on how strong the walls and fences of your house are!

How does seizing enemy player territory work PvP-wise?

  • If you want to conquer the other player’s base you will have to destroy a set percentage of their structures (excluding fences). After reaching the threshold you will be able to claim the land.