Population Zero: Q&A part 2

21 March 2019

Welcome to Population Zero Q&A with game designers! Here you can find answers from the team on most of the questions you’ve asked over the past few months. Part 1 can be found here.

When will I be able to hide the interface?

  • The function is already implemented, we will soon deploy it to our live servers.

Will there be emotions in the game?

  • Visual emotions is a quick and convenient way to communicate with players, and social aspects of the game are something we work hard here at Enplex. The concept is still in development.

Will my character snore while sleeping and therefore attract predators?

  • What an interesting question! Creatures will react differently to characters who are asleep. This isn’t necessarily an aggressive behavior, mind you.

As colonists develop after the shipwreck are they going to use technologically advanced machinery and weaponry?

  • Of course! The resources on the alien planet will allow colonists to create something new and unique. They will rebuild what was lost and advance with time. By the way, this goes for improving existing technologies as well. You might have lost the ship, but you are advanced species after all!

Will there be a zone where many players gather?

  • Yes, we are considering such zones. The players will also gather near starting locations, water sources, resource mines etc. That will create a lot of players interactions.

Do you have outside expertise when it comes to Population Zero?

  • We do! First of all, we have vast experience in world-building thanks to many projects our team members were working on before “Population Zero”.  Second, Game studios always keep in touch with each other and are always happy to share their work experience and their expertise if asked. And there is no better helper than literature that inspires us. We read a lot of sci-fi novels, watch movies and play games.

Will there be secret locations with large boss-monsters or other hard to discover easter eggs?

  • Every such «secret» location becomes well-known with time. We do plan to have a lot of hidden caverns, stashes with loot as well as hard to kill monsters who guard said spots.

Will I be able to build everywhere?

  • No, the building will be blocked near the initial spawn locations, specific resource areas, public spaces.

What faction will I meet in the game and what are their relationships?

  • Currently, we have two factions in the game, which every player can choose from — Xenobiote and Technocrat. They have different styles of gameplay, crafting mechanics, perks.
    In addition to these two fractions, there are also interim types. In Population Zero death is not the end. Rather, a new beginning. When a player dies, he is resurrected but his DNA changes a bit. He mutates and evolves. At some point in time, every player has to decide, weather they want to remain human or give in to the nature of Kepler. 
    Hereafter a player will be able to transfer into interim form again by complying (non-complying) with specific terms. Exploring the planet will lead colonists to meet other factions as well.

What is the difference between factions and their members?

  • Technocrates do not accept the alien nature of Kepler and only use it in their favor. Xenobiotes adapt to the new world and accept Kepler as their home. We use this conflict as a gameplay mechanic and create asymmetry. Technocrats see Kepler flora and fauna as a threat and resources, but for xenobiotes the planet is sacred and the aliens are there to provide and become allies.

We will share more detail about fractions very soon. Stay tuned!