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Population Zero News: New biome, Quests, Combat System, Localization

A new Population Zero alpha playtest will be held this upcoming weekend on March, 16th. After the playtest is over, the team will begin working on version 05.03 with new features including:

  • New biome in test mode – Jungle
  • Tutorial quests for building, combat system and character evolution
  • Dozens of new technologies and perks
  • English and Russian localizations

In-game creatures will receive significant changes. They now interact, fight, hunt and form packs or herds. Players can distract the chasing predator with other valuable prey. Alien creatures are now able to call for help or draw attention.

There are two factions available in Population Zero at the moment. The choice is entirely up to players and the way they choose to live on an alien world: become a Xenobiote, become closer to the planet and it’s inhabitants, or remain a human colonist. Both choices lead to different character and crafting progressions.

We are gradually preparing for the closed beta and constantly invites new alpha-testers. Anyone, who wants to become part of the experience, can apply for Alpha on the official website here

Supporting the project as a founder allows people to get many exclusive goodies and early access to all the current and future tests.

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