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Here you will find all the necessary information about in-game mechanics, game development progress, patch notes, lore and much more. In the months leading to Open Beta we will share detailed information on everything you will see in Population Zero. We will also introduce you to the team behind the project!

If you are curious about colonist life on planet Kepler – Developer Blog is where you will find the latest, relevant information.

Buckle up for the journey ahead!

Fourth Population Zero pre-alpha test session

Greeting, colonists! It’s time for testers to pack up for…

News | 14.Feb.2019

We are looking for talents!

Our team is looking for new members who are obsessed…

News | 14.Aug.2018

Patch notes 0.04.02

The last play session was very productive for everyone here…

News | 22.Jan.2019

New screenshots arrived!

Check out a new series of screenshots showing fantastic beauty…

News | 27.Sep.2018