Population Zero: a journey starts with concept art

8 February 2019

Game development is a long but exciting journey. As developers, we have an opportunity to create your own world from scratch. It’s a challenging process which will deliver the artist’s point of view and be shared with players all over the world.

Our talented artists work hard on every aspect of the game. Every plant, creature or object is a detailed and thoughtful piece of concept art.

Kepler has a high variety of unique flora. First, you will discover the stunning nature of savannah biome with dozens of various extraordinary alien plants. Every bush is not simply a bunch of twigs but an elaborated objective.

The tallgrass of Kepler Savannah region is great for hiding. The flying predators are a huge threat to colonist’s existence and using advantages of the environment is a good way to ensure you’ll survive to see another day. Although you should still be careful – you might not be the only one hiding in the thicket.

Traveling across Savannah’s lands you will confront many local inhabitants. Some of them will be neutral or even friendly, but others will prey on you and hunt you.

Don’t be fooled by the size of the merid guy – he will cause a lot of trouble if you let down your guard. They are speedy and deadly creatures hard to detect in the sand.

Their appearance fits their predatory nature well: a rigid shell and sharp thorns for protection, massive claws to attack their prey and small height to stay unseen until the very moment of attack.

Many plants look different depending on the time of the day. This gorgeous tree glows like a swarm of fireflies at night. With dusk, Kepler changes its clothes and may look like a completely different place. The colors become intense as they start to glow: the life itself flows through the veins of local plants.

Every luminescence is a deep set of colors that were not chosen at random. Everything must be balanced and built according to a set of rules we worked out early in development.

This is your starting gathering and fighting tool made with materials on hand. Metal ship trim is tough enough to become an improvised blade: the rescue capsule saved your life earlier and it’s still useful after the landing. The stick on the ground is good for handle and cable fixed that right. Your first primitive tool is ready. It isn’t very reliable on long terms but seems nice for gathering your first resources.

The trim ship is sharpened, attached tightly to a twig and you can see every little detail of a handmade tool.

You cannot survive without proper shelter. This is a concept of one of your first defensive structure that will keep you safe from bloodthirsty predators and some other players.

It is made out of pieces of a spaceship, as well as other material a colonist was able to find in the surrounding area (stone, sturdy alien plants, fabrics). Every detail you find on the concept is well-thought-out. You can see the little things like shapes, cracks, and scuffs.