Latest Update Notes

7 March 2019

The latest alpha game build is bringing significant changes and fixes to the game mechanics with a number of new features. Players are now able to choose a faction, complete quests and communicate with nearby colonists using the in-game chat.

Local inhabitants of Kepler have undergone significant changes: their Combat AI has been updated as well as their social AI. There are a new species for colonists to discover — Scyphopod.


  • Nutritional needs and negative effects now cause less discomfort
  • The economy of the first few hours has been significantly improved
  • The building blocks can’t be placed in the air now — they require a solid connection with the ground. Destruction of fundamental leads to block destruction
  • Kso received a new type of attack and health adjustment
  • Vegetation textures optimization. Previously affected the CPU
  • The amount and locations of the resources have been adjusted due to users’ demand
  • Every 3D object has been overhauled, improving the graphics
  • Sahrim’s health and damage increased
  • Accumulation speed of the mutagen effects and environment influence has been adjusted


  • Kvars now organize in groups and attack in packs
  • Kso now reacts to sahrim’s signals and follow it
  • Sahrim’s combat system has been updated with three types of attack and a defensive mode when at low health. A battle with sahrim would be a hard challenge for a single player
  • Sahrim’s behavior has been adjusted. Now it remains passive during the daytime and reacts only if kso are attacked. At night sahrim is highly aggressive and attacks everyone who enters its vision range. Sahrim travels around oasis and occasionally calls for kso. At night sahrim leads kso to the river.
  • Maredi’s behavior has been adjusted. It now hunts only when hungry. Merid consumes corpses — it’s a good way to distract it. Merid now also hunts local inhabitants. It can trigger to another victim during the chase. Merid uses two types of attack, one of them inflicts bleeding.
  • Costumes and armor have been adjusted


  • Quest interface has been added: quest journal and HUD identification

New features

  • Four new spawn points have been added. Now players can appear in a different zone of the initial location
  • A new faction change quest has been added
  • A new «Military expedition camp» zone has been added
  • A new chemical protection suit has been added. The suit can be discovered in the atlas and is considered a consumable. The suit provides toxicity protection upon usage. The suit can be worn when a character doesn’t have anything equipped. Otherwise, the suit will disappear
  • Kso now attacks with gas
  • A new alien creature has been added: Scyphopod worker.
  • Some locations have building restrictions now
  • New belts have been added. They slightly increase the max inventory weight and open two additional inventory slots. Visual design will arrive later
  • User chat has been added. The chat is local, with 100 radius coverage

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where kso sometimes didn’t run to sahrim when attacked
  • Fixed an issue where sahrim reminded idle when attacked
  • Fixed issues with critical background loss