New Population Zero private weekend

21 June 2019

Another private weekend starts tomorrow!

The playtest starts this Saturday on June 22th from 7am UTC and will last until 7pm June 23th.

Every pack owner and the current tester can play. We will be also inviting new ones!

The list of changes and bug fixes:

  • Fixed a tragic error that led to a rollback of game progress;
  • Fixed problems that prevented the line of quests completion;
  • A spiderweb resource, necessary for Tier 3 building, has been added to Savannah;
  • The strength of weapons has been fixed: now it wears off more slowly when attacking another character in clothes/armor and loses strength when attacking mobs;
  • Fixed a counter on a bottle filled with water: now it does not reset when moving and selecting;
  • Fixed Russian localization errors;
  • Horseshoe mushrooms can now be studied a second time in a Natural Experiment;
  • Adjusted map background;
  • Fixed some issues affecting server performance.

Stay tuned and check our Discord and forum not to miss all the news about the game!