Kepler timelapse video

The planet you are going to colonize is beautiful any time of the day. Even though the scenery looks peaceful, don’t let it deceive you. Predators hunt during the day, and hazardous environments prove to be  most dangerous during the night. Stay strong, colonists!


Enjoy the everyday cycle of your new home accompanied by amazing ambient music. Don’t foget your headphones!

Second pre-alpha test session

Greeting, Colonists! We are pleased to announce that the next…

News | 22.Jan.2019

How to get into Population Zero pre-alpha test

If you want to join us on pre-alpha stage of…

News | 25.Jan.2019

We are looking for talents!

Our team is looking for new members who are obsessed…

News | 14.Aug.2018

We are preparing for a global announcement in September 2018

Russian studio Enplex Games announces a new project – Population…

News | 14.Aug.2018