July 28-29 playtest announcement & Patch notes

26 July 2019

Starting 7.00 am UTC Sunday, July 28 and until 5.00 am UTC Monday, July 29 a new Population Zero playtest will be held. PZO testers, as well as access card owners, will be able to participate and check out the latest update to the game.



Version 05.04.01 patch notes:



  • Savannah now has a new player hub. A safe public space with clean water
  • Territories close to the player hub have been reworked
  • New points of interest added
  • Heat map has been tweaked. New hazardous areas have been added
  • Resource spawn points have been tweaked. They now spawn in groups.
  • Resource access can now be difficult due to hazards, alien creatures, specific terrain

Quest system

  • New questline has been added
  • Old quests have been optimized

Battle system rework

  • Jump attacks have been added
  • Weapon stats have been rebalanced
  • Many faction perks were reworked or tweaked
  • New buff-adding costumes added for Xenobiotes
  • A moveset for spear attacks added
  • Damage effects added. You will always notice if your attack was successful.
  • Barehand stagger has been added
  • Weapon sizes were changed


  •  VFX rebalance – creatures, environment, resources etc.
  • Creatures movement and attack have been fixed
  • Map backgrounds fixed
  • Character injuries were rebalanced