Fourth Population Zero pre-alpha test session

14 February 2019

Greeting, colonists!

It’s time for testers to pack up for another pre-alpha playtest, which will be held on February 16th: from 10am to 10pm EST. Everyone who has access to playtest as well as the proud owners of The Commander founder’s pack are eligible to join the Pre-alpha.

Apply for pre-alpha now if you haven’t done so before. This might be your last chance to apply to pre-alpha. We are moving to the next testing phase this month.

There’s more! We are happy to announce that this playtest is going to be the last for the pre-alpha development stage – we are officially entering alpha. Next time players will be able to test a new version of the game with a whole bunch of new features. Stay tuned for the huge patch notes.

The game build for current playtest stays the same, but we rolled out some minor bug fixes. This will be the last test on the current build.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an exploit where players could enable spectator mode
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t place items into the Simple Stash
  • Fixed an issue with pink Bractus textures