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Global Population Zero Alpha Test

We are officially launching a new stage of testing for Population Zero which will lead into the closed beta-test later this year. On March 2nd at 12:00pm — 04:00pm (EST) and 08:00pm — 00:00am (EST) everyone, who has already participated in previous playtests as well as «Commander» and «Sentinel» pack holders are eligible to play!

The major features the players will discover in the new game version:

  • Full-fledged quest system for a faction change
  • Mutation system (players will be able to become Hosts, Xenobiotor remain human)
  • Texture update and polishing (fauna, characters, buildings, etc.)
  • Balanced and improved technology tree and perk system
  • Fully rebalanced injury system
  • A possibility of setting up a character resurrection point (Baken)
  • New planet inhabitants

In-depth patch notes will be published in the news section at a later date

We are also expanding our tester playerbase, so if you are yet to fill the participant application, you can do that here

With the transition to a new version, we began teasing a new biome jungle, which will soon be available for exploration. After leaving Savannah, the players will find themselves in a multi-layered zone full of plants and centuries-old trees, well-suited for building a home far above the ground. The dangerous and toxic surface environment will prove to be very dangerous to careless players, who decide to get off the tree in search of food and resources.

A fancy view is guaranteed.

We wish colonists luck and new victories in the world of Population Zero!

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