Alpha is over!

5 June 2019


The latest post-alpha version of the game is ready for testing!

Check the schedule:

Character and faction system

  • Health is now restored automatically only when your character has Satiety effect;
  • Voids now can no longer craft any items but Humanizer and Mutagen;
  • Character reaction to the temperature changes has been reworked;
  • Hunger, thirst and trauma accumulation systems caused by starvation and dehydration have been reworked;
  • Characters now resurrect without clothes. And show off their beautiful underwear!;
  • Meds now restore health over time rather than instantly, just like in real life;
  • Now the undressed character has one available hot-slot on the belt;
  • Falling damage is reduced and safe fall height is increased. Test it by throwing your character off a cliff. Just kidding;
  • The weight capacity effect has been reworked;
  • Standard medkit now heals frostbite and heat stroke;
  • Faction perk parameters have been reworked;
  • Character’s movement speed has been reduced (both regular and sprint). The animation remains the same though, so it might look a bit awkward.

Science and technology Atlas

  • Atlas technology distribution has been reworked;
  • Practice points (PrP) have been removed, and now Theory points (ThP, perk preservation and destruction) are used instead. Acquisition and expense of these points has been rebalanced;
  • You can acquire 2 ThP instead of 1 by learning some of the technologies. Yay, more points!
  • Science system has been reworked: knowledge system has been changed; all objects that give knowledge have been redistributed;
  • Xenobiotes now can’t learn some technologies (and associated recipes) in the Atlas. But they’ve got new special technologies instead along with new unique resources and items.


  • Chances of obtaining perks from all sources have been increased;
  • New unique icons for all items, recipes, and perks have been added.

Craft, workbenches, and stashes

  • Recipes for workbenches are now available after learning the corresponding technology;
  • Now you can lock your stashes. Finally some privacy!
  • Crafting time has been tweaked for all recipes;
  • The appearance of Tanning Bench has been updated;
  • Dryer — a new workbench — has been added;


  • A Russian localization has been added (our Russian-speaking fans are really happy);
  • Now you can choose English or Russian language in the game lobby or via Esc menu;
  • English localization has been adjusted.


  • Building menu visuals have been reworked:
    • Now placeholders no longer go through objects and move smoothly;
    • You can instantly place a block when you start building;
  • All 3 construction tiers have been added to the game:
    • All tiers now have an additional roof section;
    • Tier 3 building now has more blocks: walls, towers, stairs, balcony;
  • Dropped items no longer fall through the base textures;
  • Monsters no longer pass through walls. No element of surprise now:);
  • You are no longer tied to the first building spot you chose, so there are no limitations now. To begin building on the new spot you have to remove all blocks from the previous spot (press Delete button while looking at any block in the building mode).

Combat system

  • A new basic moveset for unarmed attacks has been added; Axe attack moveset has been updated;
  • Hit system registration has been tweaked: now it depends on the weapon size and damage type;
  • Weapon damage and durability has been adjusted;
  • Character reaction delay upon receiving damage has been reduced;
  • Basic attacks and mining no longer consumes stamina;
  • Stamina consumption has been changed.

Quests and Knowledgebase

  • “First steps” tutorial quest has been adjusted.
  • A new quest named “In the search for the military expedition” has been added. You will receive a unique recipe upon completing the quest;
  • The Knowledgebase has been updated, tooltips have been adjusted.

Interactive objects indication

  • A new indication system has been added;
  • Interface for interaction with objects has been reworked;

Savannah and dropzones

  • Dropzones:
    • Exits’ locations have been reworked;
    • Flora and mountain appearances have been changed;
  • Savannah:
    • Global topology has been reworked (mountains have been added);
    • Lightning system and post effects have been tweaked;
    • The background has been reworked;
    • Regions of Savannah have names now. Interactive markers for large landmarks have been added. You can now choose them as destination points. Exploring the world of Kepler gives you an additional point of Geodesy science;
    • New interactive resources and floral forms have been added. The positions of the recourses on the map have been changed;
    • Temperature differs from region to region;
    • Following monsters’ locations have been changed: Sahrim, Kso, Scyphopod workers and Scyphopod warriors;
    • There is a Scyphopod boss in the Hive now. It’s dangerous to go alone!


  • Selwea combat behavior has been adjusted: it no longer escapes the battle;
  • You can hide from the Scyphopod worker by staying behind its back. But it will attack if you come too close;
  • If you attack yutt in front of its own kind, they will attack you together. Be kind to yutts. Unless you want their goodies of course;
  • Scyphorias and yutts now tend to stay in groups, never leaving their habitat;
  • Sahrim enters the defense mode properly. He’s much harder to kill him that way;
  • Basic monster parameters have been adjusted: health has been reduced, while the damage has been greatly increased;
  • Cooldowns for monster respawns have been added. Now you’re unable to farm the same spot, sorry!
  • Now Selwea, Kvar and Scyphopod worker’s corpses contain new useful resources and items, don’t forget to loot them;
  • Some monsters have received new animations;
  • New sound effects have been added.


  • You can change faction without dying by using the cocoon;
  • Cocoon activation. If you placed multiple cocoons you can choose the one you want to resurrect at;


  • Hotkeys for inventory tabs have been added.


  • Buildings and workbenches now they remain where you left them after the server reboots;

Friend server selection

  • A list of servers is available for you after authorization. You will see the servers which you played on before and those where your friends play. To add a friend you need to visit your account on the official Population Zero website.


  • We heard you loud and clear and reworked Gordon’s voice to sound less robotic.