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Drop Zone: welcome to the new world

A mysterious planet, an unknown world, future dangers, risk and a well-deserved reward – all this merged into a single dance of stunning and enticing melody sounds.

Gameplay reveal on stream

Yesterday one of our team members has revealed Population Zero gameplay on ZiggyD stream on…

News | 12.Dec.2018

Sunday Population Zero playtest

Hello, everyone! It’s time for another alpha playtest. We invite all testers to join us…

News | 04.Apr.2019

Population Zero Pre-Alpha trailer is out!

We are very excited to share the very first Pre-Alpha trailer for the upcoming Survival…

News | 12.Dec.2018

Population Zero: Q&A part 3

We continue our Q&A thread where our game designers answer the most popular and interesting questions…

Dev Blog | 28.Mar.2019