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Developer’s Diary #2: World Building

Building a world from scratch is not an easy task. But it’s an exciting and challenging journey for talented staff at Enplex Games, who are motivated and inspired by the idea of a Sci-Fi MMO Survival.

Take a closer look at Population Zero development in our second episode of Dev Diary

Population Zero Pre-Alpha Report

Last Friday Population Zero servers were open for another Pre-Alpha test session, where we introduced…

Dev Blog | 04.Feb.2019

A new Population Zero video: Building Mechanics

Learn about the building mechanics of the game

News | 01.Mar.2019

A quest of a lifetime

A short guide to quests in the world of Population Zero For many games, quests…

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New screenshots to enjoy

Some screenshots from our in-house gameplay sessions we do with our testers have arrived! If…

News | 11.Dec.2018