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Dev Blog

Kepler’s fashion guide

Though Kepler is a habitable planet, it has a dozen ways to kill you during...

Article | 19 Apr, 2019

Population Zero: Q&A part 4

Welcome to the 4th thread of Q&A where we cover the most frequently asked questions...

Dev Blog | 10 Apr, 2019

A quest of a lifetime

A short guide to quests in the world of Population zero For many games, quests...

Dev Blog | 04 Apr, 2019

Population Zero: Q&A part 3

We continue our Q&A thread where our game designers answer the most popular and interesting que..

Dev Blog | 28 Mar, 2019

Population Zero: Q&A part 2

Welcome to Population Zero Q&A with game designers! Here you can find answers from the...

Dev Blog | 21 Mar, 2019

New biome teaser: Jungle

The spring is bringing a new biome into Population Zero! Meet jungle – the second biome...

Dev Blog | 20 Feb, 2019

Population Zero Pre-Alpha Report

Last Friday Population Zero servers were open for another Pre-Alpha test session, where we introduc..

Dev Blog | 04 Feb, 2019

Population Zero’s Perk system

Perk system of Population Zero was originally published at Massively Overpowered. Check out the ori..

Dev Blog | 01 Feb, 2019