Closed Beta continues today. Patch notes inside!

23 December 2019

Hello colonists!
We are happy to announce, that our Population Zero CBT continues, and it begins today at 9 am UTC. It will continue throughout this week and the servers will go offline on December 30

This CBT test also introduces a big content update. You can read the patch notes below:


The Savannah has two new regions:

  • The Swamp region, with a high toxicity level. 
  • The Anomalous region, with freezing cold weather.
  • All mobs that live in these regions (except for Scyphopods, Selwea and some Yutts) grant theory points when researched. 
  • In the Swamps you can find a Sprout. You can grow a Predatory Flower out of it which will grant you Life Essence in exchange for monster meat. 


  • Reworked the tutorial quest in the Dropzone.

Public Cocoons

  • The Savannah will now have cocoons any player can respawn in. These cocoons need to be activated first. 


  • The Xenobiote faction has been temporarily removed from the game. The player can no longer turn into a Xeno. All items that were previously exclusive to Xenos are now available to humans.
  • To become a Void you need to reach the maximum mutation level. A character that isn’t at the maximum mutation level remains human.  

NPC and Questing System

  • The Hub has a new unique NPC.
  • The Savannah has a new unique NPC. 
  • Added over 20 new quests.
  • Some old quests have been removed from the game. 
  • Reworked the “Learning mutations” quest.
  • Reworked the “Old house” quest. 


  • Updated AI for the Kvar, Selwea and Merid.
  • Some Kvar attacks now cause bleeding.
  • Added new Kvar animations. 
  • Now mobs attack the closest character to them.
  • Kvars now hunt either in packs of three or on their own. They will act differently depending on their number. 


  • Updated AI for the Alpha-Kvar 
  • Changed spawn locations for the Pheromones.
  • The Alpha-Kvar can summon nearby Kvars to aid him in battle.

Combat System

  • Updated attack animations without a weapon. 
  • Characters and mobs now have health bars. They will appear once damage has been taken and will disappear as time passes if a character or mob isn’t taking damage or restoring health. 
  • Rebalanced armor and weapons. 
  • Reworked the stagger and recoil animations.
  • Updated the visual effect when stamina is fully depleted.


  • Added more hit points to structures. 
  • Structures can’t be broken with bare hands.
  • Zones where building is prohibited have been reduced in size. 

Injuries and Illnesses

  • Added a new injury – “Strain”. Can be acquired after a high fall. 
  • Added an illness – “Alien parasite”. Can be acquired by eating raw meat. 
  • The minimum optimal temperature, below which starts hypothermia, has been reduced to +4 degrees.
  • Hypothermic and overheating injuries now occur with a certain chance after you have reached a critically low or high temperature level respectively. Unless the player is wearing shoes and gloves for freezing or headgear for a sunstroke. 

Gathering and mining.

  • Gathering resources is now instant.
  • When mining resources with a tool you will acquire resources for each hit.
  • Mining resources can no longer be destroyed with bare hands.
  • Workbenches can no longer be destroyed with bare hands.


  • Weapons are separated into combat weapons and tools.
  • You can’t perform a jump attack, dash attack, strong attack or block with a tool. If you click or hold LMS or RMS when using a tool, only a mining attack will be performed. 


  • Food that has been prepared with a more difficult recipe will now slow down hunger and thirst. 
  • Added new recipes. Reworked some food stats.


  • Reworked the drop system after death. Now the player drops all resources and consumables, but keeps the weapons, tools, suits, armor and workbenches with a certain chance that is displayed in the item’s description. If this chance isn’t displayed then that item will be dropped after death.
  • Reworked the use of full body suits. Now they completely replace your clothing when put on. 
  • The item descriptions are now more detailed.
  • Backpacks no longer have weight. 
  • Backpacks no longer open extra storage. All storage slots are open on default.

Technology atlas

  • Updated and reworked the atlas UI. Now its separated into materials and technologies that are mostly learned sequentially. Technologies require Theory points. Materials require Science points. 


  • The number of perks has been increased to 111.
  • The perks’ abilities have been completely reworked.
  • Changed the conditions of how to get perks. Slightly increased odds of getting a perk.
  • All perk slots can be upgraded to epic. 


  • The Anomalous region has unique audio effects..


  • Players now have their names displayed above them.
  • Reworked the graphics settings. Removed the “Very high” setting.
  • Bug fixes.
  • We also brought back coal. Yay!