August 10-12 playtest news and patchnotes!

9 August 2019

Good news, everyone! The servers will be online from 7:00 am UTC Saturday, August 10 to 5:00 am UTC Monday, August 12. Private weekends are available for access cards owners and all the testers chosen via the submitted form.


Patchnotes (

Player hub

  • Player Hub models have been reworked
  • A quest-giving NPC is now situated in Hub


  • Some small tweaks and adjustments to the basic quests have been implemented

Battle System (PvP)

  • New animations have been added to combo attacks
  • Stagger and recoil mechanics have been tweaked according to feedback
  • PvP user interaction has been improved. Players no longer slip past their enemy while in “dash” attack
  • Weapon and armor stats have been reworked


  • Alien lifeforms damage indication has been implemented.
  • Alien lifeforms movement has been fixed
  • Kvar and Kso behavior has been fully reworked. They now react differently to players of different factions


  • Character to character physics and interactions have been tweaked. Players are no longer thrown off the map or high into the sky when they spawn close to an animated object. Colliding with an enemy no longer flings a character into the air
  • Some environment effects have been changed.