Access cards’ summer sale!

31 May 2019

So, what do we have here? OMG it’s a SUMMER SALE!

From May 31st to June 7th you can get 20% off all the access cards with this promo code: ALPHASUMMER.

Why is it important? Because we’ll run our last Alpha test on June 6th, and then we’ll start a series of private tests for our loyal supporters. The first private weekend will take place on June 8th-9th.

Also, it’s your last chance to purchase the Commander access card till June 16th. Get your own death animation and engrave your name in the chronicles of the expedition until it’s too late!

Choose the best option for you and get some super exclusive in-game items and other loot. Become one of the first colonists who start their journey on Kepler!

The money we make from the sale will be sent to the Kepler association of yutt protection:)


  • From May 31st to June 7th;
  • 20% off all the access cards;
  • Promo code: ALPHASUMMER;