A new update and a week long test are coming November 7

5 November 2019

First things first: the servers will go live at 9:00 am UTC on the 7th till 9:00 am UTC on the 14th of November.

This Closed Beta introduces new NPCs, 9 new quests, a dungeon to explore and some important bug fixes.

Update ver. 05.05 patch notes


New region:

  • The Savannah has a new region – The Heath.
  • The character slows down in deep and boggy waters. 
  • A dungeon is located in the region where players can go up against a boss.


  • New dungeon – Alpha Kvar lair. 
  • The technology tree has a new recipe – alpha Kvar bait. To craft it, you will require a new resource – ‘pheromones’. It can be found in the lair.  

Combat system:

  • New stagger and recoil animations. 
  • Increased stamina regeneration speed. Decreased stamina loss. 
  • Added a visual effect when stamina is fully depleted.
  • Fixed a bug when players would slide through each other during combat.


  • Bug fixes.


  • Added a basic esc-menu: now you can change the volume settings and also turn on/off the FPS cap.
  • If you try to enter the game with an older version of the client, you will be notified in the lobby. 
  • The temperature interface has been reworked. The temperature gauge will change color depending on how hot or cold it is. 

NPC and quest system:

  • The Hub has 3 new quest givers.
  • Added 9 new quests – 7 hub quests and 2 side-quests. 
  • Bug fixes. 


  • Added music for the Desert and Heath. Reworked sounds during combat.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Clothes (except the starter set), armor, backpacks (except the basic), weapons, belts,  crafted workbenches and cocoons that are in your inventory – will no longer drop after death.
  • There is a slot limit in the craftable chests – from 20 to 55 depending on the chest tier.